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Your Commercial Investment Can Be Protected After the Sale if You Choose the Right Title Insurance Partner Before the Closing.

Choosing the right title insurance partner is just as important as your choice in lenders and real estate agents. It’s a team approach to making sure your investment is well protected. Title insurance will outline your right to ownership from liens, boundary line discrepancy or errors, past transfer of ownership issues, zoning conflicts, environmental concerns and more. At SEMO Title, we take a deep dive into the property’s past to make sure you, as the buyer, are fully aware of any potential issues or factors that may impact your investment.

You don’t want this responsibility to go to anyone – make sure to tell your lender and/or real estate agent who you want to partner with to do this level of work.

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Whether it’s farmland, a new home, or a new business location, you want to know your real estate property is protected. That’s where SEMO Title comes in. Locally owned and operated out of Sikeston, MO, we cover a large service area across most of the Missouri bootheel, dedicated to protecting what matters to you.

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Sometimes it feels like title work is in a world of its own. That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions with helpful answers and a glossary of words and phrases unique to the industry.