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As a lender or real estate agent, you have to ensure your customer is cared for through each step of the buying and selling process. With all the details that go into it, you need a trusted partner to help make that final step a success. That’s where SEMO Title comes in – we have the experienced, caring staff with a healthy dose of common sense and industry knowledge to get it right on time and in compliance.

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Helping hands for happy homeowners
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Whether it’s a first-time buyer or a veteran to the real estate world, navigating the closing process is sure to pose challenges. As a real estate professional, you can act as a liaison between the buyer and settlement agent to make sure the process of estate buying goes smoothly.

Closing on a real estate property consists of a few basic steps.

Starting the closing process

Start by finding a settlement agent. The agent will open a file with the sales contract or escrow for the property, often accompanied by an earnest money deposit. They will also process your file and order tax information, loan payoffs, surveys, homeowner and maintenance fees, inspections and reports, hazard and other insurances, and legal papers, as well as review and send title commitments and preliminary reports.

Document preparation and settlement

At this time, the settlement agent reviews lender requirements, instructions from other parties in the transaction, and legal and loan documents. Then, they assemble charges, prepare paperwork, and set the closing date. The closing date is when the property’s title is transferred from seller to buyer, who will both sign numerous documents. After all documents have been signed, the property belongs to the buyer.

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Sometimes it feels like title work is in a world of its own. That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions with helpful answers and a glossary of words and phrases unique to the industry.